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Undergraduate Thesis

Successfully Defended in April 2022 with a Unanimous Acceptance

As a former member of Barry University’s Honors Program, I was awarded the opportunity to spend my four years in the Honors Program developing an undergraduate thesis, based upon a topic of my choosing, to be submitted to the faculty of Barry University.

Title: How Academic Identity Is Linked to First-Year Students' Ability to Effectively Write Academic Discourse

Synopsis: My thesis studied academic identity in first-year college students, specifically in their first-year English courses. I aimed to discover whether or not students had an academic identity, why they may not have had one, how professors could help them develop a sense of academic identity, and how, in turn, this would improve students' ability to write academically. The ultimate goal of my thesis was to use my research to redesign the first-year English course to optimize its ability to nurture students' academic identity. 

If you have any questions or would like to read my thesis materials, please contact me.

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